Housing your tipplers - Davey Warrener


Anyone hoping to fly competition Tipplers will need at least two sections in their loft, or two separate lofts; one for breeding and one for flying. You will also need somewhere to house your droppers. These lofts or sections should be large enough to allow you to comfortably tend to the birds without the need for bending or stretching. Something around 6ft 6in in height and at least 6ft deep is ideal. The length will depend on how many birds you intend to keep. You should bear in mind that the breeding section or loft should not be so large as to allow the birds to fly back and forth while you are in there. This will only lead to a section full of nervous birds. If you need to keep a lot of breeders, then two breeding sections would be better than one cavernous one. This way the birds will become used to having you in close proximity. My own choice is two separate lofts, so the flyers are not disturbed while I tend to the breeders and vice versa. The loft needs to be well ventilated but draught free and completely waterproof. The flying loft should be positioned for a good drop in for the birds, but do bear the neighbours in mind.