more about macs


When I came home out of the Air force (1946) I desperately needed to get my hands on some Tipplers. A certain man of Darnall, Sheffield, kept the true Macclesfield Tipplers - His name was Binnar Purseglove. A cantankerous blunt Yorkshire man who sold me 2 pairs for breeding. They were grey grizzles and heavy prints - beautiful birds. The price was 5 shillings per bird - About that time $1 US. When I asked for advice his answer in a guttural dialect was that if I didn't get the young ones weaned off and on a loft training schedule I would certainly loose the lot of them. The specified age of such weaners was 3 weeks. I followed Binnar's advice and soon has a kit of Macs. For altitude and style they were marvelous! I was however, living in a fools paradise because someone reported me to the local housing authority because I was in breach of an ordnance against keeping pigeons. The bottom line was that I had to dislocate the necks of the 12 Macs that I had. At that time part of me died with every dislocated neck. I do not think that I have ever recovered from that experience. I lost my faith in human nature. I was doing no harm. However the Gods came to my rescue and I managed to get a piece of land 1/2 a mile from my house. There I can keep anything from a pigeon to an elephant! Macs? Well they are extinct in pure form now. They were part of old England, but most of old England has gone forever.